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Dann May - Quillsilver Studio - The Rabbit's Arrows Logo
The Rabbit's Arrows children's book cover by Andrew Bosley


The Rabbit's Arrows

When a young Sam Ives accidentally walks a Ley Line marked by three standing stones in North Yorkshire, his eyes are magically opened.
He now sees the world as it really is—full of talking animals, surprising quests, and a secretive war—the outcome of which may very well depend upon Sam finding the courage to overcome his own fears.

The Rabbit's Arrows is the first book from Read-Aloud Adventures and envelops the reader in the sights & local flavour unique to the Vale of York in the North of England.

Map of North Yorkshire including Boroughbridge, Ripon, Great Ouseburn, and Fountains Abbey

Book 2

The Mice
of Marly-le-Roi

The Mouse Kingdom of Marly-le-Roi has safeguarded their simple way of life for centuries. But now the winds of change are fiercely blowing against them, as a revolutionary zeal spreads among the Rats of Versailles.
Will the new order sweep all before it?
Or will the courage of mice run deeper still?

The Mice of Marly-le-Roi is the second book from Read-Aloud Adventures and aims at introducing the reader to some of the local history and remarkable landmarks found along the outskirts of Paris, France.

The Mice of Mary-le-Roi -- upcoming book by K.J. Pugh with art by Andrew Bosley


K.J. Pugh - American pastor and children's book author

Series Storyteller

K.J. Pugh

K.J. is an American who spent most of his 30s sojourning in Europe with his wife and two lovely kids. He enjoys walking, cycling, making and consuming cups of Yorkshire Tea, as well as inserting quotes from J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis into casual conversations.

Series Illustrator

Andrew Bosley

Andrew is a freelance illustrator and owner of Wits End Studios. He lives in northern Arizona with his wife and five kids. He has a ukulele hanging on his wall, so he thinks he can play it. But he really can't.

Andrew Bosley - artist and graphic designer
Jo Tinker - freelance proofreader

Professional Proofreader

Jo Tinker

Jo is a freelance proofreader and also a Finance Manager for Contagious Bible Ministries. She lives in Somerset with her husband, three children and dog Leeli, and loves walking in the Quantock Hills, exploring England's South West coastline, and curling up in front of the fire with a good book.

Audiobook Narrator

Michael J. Tinker

Michael is a Somerset-based singer, songwriter and performer. As well as releasing numerous albums and performing shows around the UK, he has also lent his voice/accent talent to recording various audiobooks. During the pandemic he started a daily livestream for families. He loves playing cricket, and his latest hobby finds him dabbling in the world of leathercraft.

Michael J Tinker - singer, songwriter, and performer
Nicholas Alexander - composer and sound designer

Audiobook Musician

Nicholas Alexander

Nicholas is a composer and sound designer living in Brixton, London, along with his collection of road bikes. He spends his spare time racing his friends up South London's steepest hills.

Graphic Designer

Dann May

Dann is an Australian visual artist and game developer with a lifelong love for imaginative worlds and tabletop games. He created the graphic design for board games like Everdell and A War of Whispers. Together with his wife and brother, Dann founded Quillsilver Studio in 2020.

Dann May - visual artist and game designer

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